<h3>Welcome to the Revolution</h3>

For over two years Iowa Progressive Alliance has existed and we have used social media successfully as a medium to get the progressive message out to Iowa and beyond. Now we are bringing together a coalition of willing news outlets, writers, and bloggers and bringing them to you.

We would also like you to know that if you are not on our list that we would love to add you, please contact us through our Facebook or other social media pages. We also consider any guest submissions if you would like to be featured on IowaProgressives.com

On behalf of Team IPA we would like you to notice on the video on the right. We wrote and produced this informative video and and we would like to thank those of you that donated to make projects like this possible. As always we are looking for volunteers to contribute for future projects, if you are in a position where you can help financially please go here to PayPal where you can donate securely. Together we will put our state back on track again!

Please note that these donations received go towards the cost of maintaining the site and additional plugins to make your experience better and projects like the video that you saw above. Since the site has been up it has already been ungraded twice to handle the traffic we have generated. We appreciate any kindness, even if it is just words!


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