Transgender Soldier Challenges Iowa Representative Steve King To Series Of Military Exercises Over Transgender Bill


Transgender soldier Jack Schuler is challenging Steve King to a duel, of sorts. Recently Steve King made yet another headline across the nation embarrassing Iowans that still care about their fellow human beings. Jack Schuler, a resident of Iowa, responded to Steves lack of compassion with a test of fortitude of his own. Jack is challenging Steve to complete the basics when it comes to military routine and exercise. 

The amendments that got Jack upset would completely prohibit the use of funding for gender reassignment surgery. On top of that it would also prohibit any funding on sensitivity training for military personal as well. People close to Jack responded as saying this was the first they had just heard of this bill. They were very extremely sympathetic because Jack had entered the Marine Corps and served his terms originally as a woman. 

These recent changes will obviously make it difficult for Jack, and folks just like him. Jacks message to Steve King seems to be simple, the label of being a man doesn’t make you any more of a man than the genitals you were born with. If Steve King disagrees, perhaps he should take Jack up on his challenge. It would surely be a worthy cause for charity. As Jack says in his Facebook post, this is not a joke, he’s dead damn serious. I know we would all love to see the floor get mopped with Steve, so let’s all get serious. 

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