Second poll finds Iowans oppose GOP health care reform plans

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Only 29 percent of Iowans “mostly support” the “direction Congressional Republicans are heading in health care legislation,” according to a new poll by Selzer & Co for the Des Moines Register and Mediacom. About 58 percent of the 800 Iowa adults surveyed between June 9 and 13 said they “mostly oppose” the GOP approach to the issue. Although the question wording is not identical, the Selzer poll findings are consistent with Public Policy Polling’s recent survey of Iowa voters. About 27 percent of PPP’s respondents said they approve “of the Senate Republican’s health care repeal and [replace] plan that is currently being debated,” while 54 percent said they disapproved of the plan. Tony Leys reported on the latest survey for the Register on July 15. The new poll also reflects divisions within the Republican Party that are making it hard for the party’s leaders to get the bill passed. Among Iowa Republicans who oppose the direction of the congressional efforts, 51 percent say the proposed changes don’t go far enough and 45 percent say the proposed changes go too far. Republican leaders are trying to cobble together a bill that would appease Senate conservatives, who demand a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and moderates, who say they are trying to prevent tens of millions of Americans from losing their health insurance. […] 83 percent of Iowans want the country to continue barring insurers from denying coverage to people due to pre-existing health conditions, the poll shows. Seventy-five percent of Iowans want to retain a section allowing parents to keep their sons and daughters on their health insurance policies until age 26. Sixty-eight percent want to retain the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of the Medicaid program to cover more poor adults. And 59 percent of Iowans want the

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