Tom Fiegen not planning independent campaign for governor

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Two-time U.S. Senate candidate Tom Fiegen, who left the Democratic Party after last year’s primary election, currently has no plans to run for governor in 2018 as an independent, he told Bleeding Heartland today. Fiegen spent July 15 at the Iowa CCI Action Fund‘s annual convention in Des Moines, carrying a pitchfork “for the revolution,” he told Gavin Aronsen. (The progressive advocacy group’s theme for the day was “Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power.”) I caught up with Fiegen after Bernie Sanders’ keynote address. The vocal #NeverHillary voice (even calling for disrupting Hillary Clinton’s campaign events) has been rumored as a future independent candidate for statewide office. Asked if he’s running for governor, Fiegen told me simply, “No.” When I followed up to see if he would consider an independent candidacy, he responded, I’m–let me just say I’m keeping my powder dry. I have a number of people talking to me about it. I want to see how the Democratic primary shakes out. The only person in the Democratic primary that absolutely could convince me to run as an independent is Andy McGuire. If Andy McGuire wins, I will go after Andy McGuire to keep her from being governor. The other people, we’ll see who wins. But I am so convinced that she is disaster, she would be a disaster for Iowa, if she wins the Democratic primary, I’ll give you my announcement speech. As the Iowa Democratic Party chair in 2015 and 2016, McGuire came under fire from some Sanders activists, who didn’t believe in her neutrality and disliked how she handled the caucuses, convention process, and roll call during the Democratic National Convention. Aside from McGuire, four Democrats are already running for governor (Jon Neiderbach, Todd Prichard, Nate Boulton, and John Norris) and three are

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