IA-04: Cyndi Hanson challenging Steve King in Republican primary

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Promising to offer voters “a Republican alternative that is truly reflective of Iowa and the values we cherish,” Cyndi Hanson announced on December 5 that she will seek the GOP nomination in the fourth Congressional district.

Hanson has worked in the education field for many years and is currently executive director of Northeast Community College’s extended campus in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Her campaign website cites her experience growing up on a farm in Monona County (agriculture “produces resilient, resourceful and collaborative people who get things done”) and her work ethic, having completed a doctorate in education.

At events in Sioux City, Mason City and Ames, Hanson indicated she approaches problems differently from eight-term Representative Steve King. Bob Fisher reported for KGLO radio,

“I’m solution focused and collaborative in the way I work, so really seeing what’s happening is a great deal of frustration for me. I think the only way we can change the current situation is to change the players we have involved.”

Hanson says she’s heard from a lot of people who say King’s “divisive rhetoric” isn’t good for Iowans.

Bret Hayworth reported for the Sioux City Journal,

Listing ways in which she is different than King, Hanson said, “I fully support Iowa’s agricultural industries, including renewable fuels, biotech, traditional and diversified production agriculture.”

She also said the founding fathers did not want representatives to be lifelong politicians. King was first elected in 2002.

“The longer one is away from and not engaging in conversations with their constituency, the less likely he is to understand and represent the interests of the district. I’m committed to engaging with and representing the people of District 4,” Hanson said.

Hanson told KSCJ radio that she has considered running for Congress for two years. What tipped her hand

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