And Now The Bad News: Iowa Legislature Returns

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An obscenity in all respects

Winter winds blow chillin’ cold. What blows even colder is the hearts of Iowa’s Republican Party. Next week they start part two of emptying out the state coffers – filled by taxes from you and I –  and handing it off to their donors.

Next week they once more they do nothing about the insane privatized Medicaid system that is now dedicated enriching the management companies rather than helping the disabled and poor.

Next week they once more take a shot at taking away workers rights, lowering their pay and turning their retirement funds into a casino.

Next week Republicans in the Iowa legislature will once more try to take away the right from valid voters in Iowa.

Next week Republicans will once more lower taxes for the rich in an attempt to emulate the smashingly successful economy in Kansas where they can’t even keep the schools open.

Once more Republicans in our legislature will cut spending for public schools in their continuing effort to privatize our education system.

And of course once more Republicans in the Iowa legislature will totally ignore the outbreak of public protests that will accompany their government for the oligarchs. If you didn’t notice, democracy died in Iowa many years back.

We may even have Kim Reynold’s version of what I consider to be one of the most obscene photographs I have ever seen that is posted above. A head of the government supposedly of the people, by the people and for the people signing a bill that takes away workers rights under the watchful eye of an oligarch whose employers will profit greatly from such a bill. Absolutely obscene.

In short the Republican Party of Iowa know they have one last golden opportunity to steal the public blind and hand it over to their donors. They won’t miss this chance.

Having lived in an Iowa that was once fair and forward looking it is so sad to see what Iowa has become.

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