Who’s who in the Iowa Senate for 2018

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The Iowa Senate begins work today with 29 Republicans, 20 Democrats, and one independent, former Republican David Johnson. I enclose below details on the majority and minority leadership teams, along with all chairs, vice chairs, and members of standing Iowa Senate committees. Where relevant, I’ve noted changes since last year’s legislative session. Just six senators are women (five Democrats and a Republican), down from ten women serving in the chamber in 2013 and 2014 and seven during 2015 and 2016. All current senators are white. To my knowledge, the only African-American ever to serve in the Iowa Senate was Tom Mann, elected to two terms during the 1980s. No Latino has ever served in the Iowa legislature; in 2014, Nathan Blake fell 18 votes short of becoming the first to join the Senate. No Asian-American has served in the state Senate since Swati Dandekar resigned in 2011. Some non-political trivia: the 50 Iowa senators include two with the surname Johnson, four Marks, and two men each named Bill, Richard (Rich and Rick), Robert (a Rob and a Bob), Dan, Jim, Tim, Tom, Jeff, and Charles (one goes by Chaz).
Senate Republicans First elected in 1996: Jerry Behn First elected in 2004: Brad Zaun First elected in 2008: Randy Feenstra, Tim Kapucian First elected in 2010: Bill Dix (ten years previous service in Iowa House), Rick Bertrand, Roby Smith, Mark Chelgren First elected in a 2011 special election: Jack Whitver First elected in 2012: Dennis Guth, Mark Segebart, Jake Chapman, Amy Sinclair, Ken Rozenboom, Dan Zumbach, Mike Breitbach First elected in a 2012 special election: Charles Schneider First elected in a 2013 special election: Julian Garrett (three years service in the Iowa House) First elected in 2014: Tom Shipley, Jason Schultz (six years in Iowa House), Tim Kraayenbrink First elected

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