Five takeaways from the Iowa legislature’s opening day in 2018

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The Iowa House and Senate convened Monday with the usual big promises and platitudes about working together to build a better future for Iowans. Behind the optimistic rhetoric, all signs point to another contentious legislative session. The opening day speeches by Republican and Democratic leaders, enclosed in full below, revealed almost no common ground about the focus of lawmakers’ work and no indication that the most important bills will incorporate Democratic ideas. My takeaways: 1. Republicans haven’t learned lessons from other states’ tax cuts. Nothing matters more to top House and Senate Republicans than passing a big tax cut this year. Tax reform got far more attention than any other issue in opening remarks that otherwise said little of substance about public policy. A revenue-neutral plan is clearly not in the works, despite continuing budget shortfalls. Kansas, Louisiana, and other Republican-controlled states experienced disastrous revenue losses in recent years after reducing tax rates for businesses and individuals. Yet Iowa GOP leaders repeatedly implied yesterday that tax cuts could pay for themselves through economic growth. House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow asserted, “Putting more dollars back into the pockets of Iowans will unleash our economy, expand our businesses, and empower our families.” Senate President Jack Whitver hailed Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan: “visionaries, who shared a common belief that growth resulted from reducing taxes.” He quoted Kennedy as saying, “Cutting taxes now is not to incur a budget deficit, but to achieve the more prosperous, expanding economy which can bring a budget surplus.” Whitver failed to mention that the top tax bracket was 91 percent in JFK’s time, or that Reagan signed into law many tax increases as well as his better-known tax cuts. Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix declared, “Tax relief is about emboldening our middle class and

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