Republican Ginny Caligiuri likely running for Congress in IA-02

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Dr. Christopher Peters may soon have a Republican primary rival in Iowa’s second Congressional district. Multiple sources tell Bleeding Heartland that Ginny Caligiuri has been laying the groundwork to seek the GOP nomination and plans to have petitions out for activists to sign at the Republican Party of Iowa’s precinct caucuses on February 5. At this writing, the Federal Election Commission’s website has not published any statement of organization for a Caligiuri campaign. The would-be candidate has not replied to requests for comment. Caligiuri is well-known in Iowa Christian conservative circles, having served as state director for the United States National Prayer Council, the Iowa Prayer Caucus, and National Governors’ Prayer Team. She’s on the committee planning this year’s Iowa Prayer Breakfast in March. In 2014, Caligiuri conceived of Christians gathering in front of every Iowa county courthouse to read from Scripture. She was inspired to put together a 99 County Bible Reading Marathon in 2016. The photographs posted above show her watching Governor Terry Branstad sign a proclamation encouraging Iowans to take part. Groups including the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa charged that Branstad was unconstitutionally promoting Christianity. Jason Clayworth reported for the Des Moines Register at the time, Ginny Caligiuri, an organizer of the Iowa event and a board member and a state director of the Iowa Prayer Caucus, called the concept of separation of church and state “a fallacy.” The roots of that doctrine were to protect religions, not government, she said. In a story about the Bible reading event, quoted Caligiuri as saying, “Our nation is in kind of a disarray, as most people know. When we had prayer removed from public schools in the ’60s, divorce rates went up, abortions went up. The whole complexity of our nation changed drastically right

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