The bill that was absolutely written by Jake Chapman, not MidAmerican Energy

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Citizen lobbyist Matt Chapman (no relation to Senator Jake Chapman) digs into the politics behind a bill that has been called “the utility attack on Iowa’s clean energy leadership.” -promoted by desmoinesdem The subcommittee hearing on Senate Study Bill 3093 was scheduled for room 315 on the south side of the capitol. Although it is a good-sized room, and the temperature was 15 degrees outside on February 1, lobbyists were packed in like sardines, and it was suffocating. Iowa Senate Commerce Committee vice chair Senator Michael Breitbach joked before the meeting, “if anyone passes out you can just lean on” the people crammed in next to them. It would not be an exaggeration to say there were sixty people in that room. Seventy five even. SSB 3093 has more than a hundred lobbyist declarations already. Committee chair Jake Chapman was late; you could hear the groans when someone said he was getting on the elevator and would be a few minutes. Chapman was seated and vice chair Breitbach was running the meeting. He said we would go through the legislation by section and would be considering only objections, because of time constraints. That suggested lobbyists backing the bill would keep quiet. It was also a clue that a trap was being set. The Iowa Utilities Board is non-partisan and unable to lobby beyond noting what the legislation would do to their authority over the energy companies. Kerri Johannsen from the Iowa Environmental Council argued against the legislation, highlighting how corrosive it would be on the ability of the Iowa Utilities Board to regulate consumer rates. She also highlighted the benefits of efficiency and clean energy, which this bill would undermine. An estimated 20,000 jobs in Iowa are linked to renewable energy. Aliant Energy lobbyist Julie Vande Hoef pushed back on

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