Trans health care islands are tenuous

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Across the United States, trans health care is an unstable patchwork of “islands.” Nowhere is this more evident than in Midwest states like Iowa and Indiana. -promoted by desmoinesdem LGBTQ issues are increasingly prominent in Western countries during the past decades. In the United States, orientation has been on the forefront of the national consciousness for a considerable time. Since the nationwide marriage equality climax of Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015, however, a different letter of the acronym has assumed the focus – the T for transgender – supplanting orientation with gender identity in social consciousness for the first time in modern history. Trans individuals, a smaller but notable subsection of the LGBTQ community, are nothing to sneeze at. We are 0.6 percent of the US adult population. That might seem small, but that’s nearly two million in 2018 estimates. In perspective, that’s about the population of the Las Vegas metropolitan statistical area, the amount of Muslims in the United States, or the total national population of either Latvia, Gabon, Slovenia, or Macedonia. Iowa, one of the few Midwest states with LGBTQ non-discrimination protections, is on the low end. Of the Iowa population, 0.31 percent or 7,500 people are estimated to be transgender; essentially the population of Knoxville, Clear Lake, Charles City, or Perry. Imagine one of those towns’ whole populations having to scavenge for a handful of health care providers statewide and you’ll begin to understand the difficulty of securing trans health care in the Midwest.
TRANS HEALTH CARE ARCHIPELAGOS Seen as a fringe group, there is a severe lack of education regarding trans subjects globally. Socially, we are a frequently-targeted group for negative treatment. Factors combined, health care providers often refuse to treat us. Trans health care providers often mitigate this by establishing themselves in larger, more

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